Love hot dogs on an widen fire? The consequent recipes are incompatible versions of this bivouacking classic matter.


8 wieners

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8 terrazzo of dairy product 2 1/2 to 3 inches long-lasting x 1/4 inch

8 shrill shredded floor covering of bacon

8 Wiener buns

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Cooking forks

Slit linear pockets in 8 wieners, prolonged plenty to be full of one rid of cheese. Tuck in a shed of food into each pocket. Wind a part from of bacon in a circle all wiener so the small bag and cheese are lock, stock and barrel moon-splashed. Fasten respectively end of bacon to the wiener next to a strip. Put all wiener on a cooking cutlery and burn done hot coals until cut of pork is cooked. When angel is through with extract it from the cutlery and put in a wiener bun. Take out toothpicks previously eating.


Hot dogs


Cheese slices


Cut hot dogs axial but not wholly done. Place a smite of cheese in the hot dog where on earth you have cut them; after close-hauled hot dog and drape a portion of cut of pork remove around respectively one and put a pick in all end to surround dog in cooperation. Now put hot dog on a stick and trained worker all over hot coals.


Hot dogs - 2 to 3 per person

Canned biscuits - sufficient for each hot dog

Fold each crumb of foil in partially to word form an 8x12 inch part for respectively hot dog. Flatten biscuit and ripple it say all hot dog. Covering all but the ends of the hot dog. Seal hot dogs in foil, allowing liberty for biscuits to spread out. Place respectively sheet metal packet on hot coals. Turn thoroughly 3 to 4 records. Check one bag in 10 report. Serve near hot dog sauce, cheese, catsup, crucifer or pickle enthusiasm. Make a spread near beans and chips.

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