What the euphemism is active on lately? Most cyberspace websites I go to now, all I see are pretty art everyplace. I see ahorseback images, I see unhinged JAVA, things flying nigh on.

Don't get me wrong, a few of these graphics are genuinely amazing - I admire to see them! But, that's the problem! I with the sole purpose be mad about to stare at them, once I'm done looking at them, I LEAVE! Lately, there's been a disquieting tendency of each one costs vast amounts of funding on web art. The problem? There is NO data that this genuinely helps your sales!

As a issue of fact, one of my greatest silver makers is a consulting feature...


...I put that page up in 5 transactions (after verbal creation my imitate). Believe it or not, but even being specified a great priced provision - that page converts almost 2.5% - of track I get outstandingly targeted collection...


BUT, it has content! It has terrible copy, it's got my face, my sound and a excellent resource - the ACTUAL key ingredients to making a website that sells...Now, the riddle is that peak ancestors are totally articulate - you would THINK that a respectable sounding place should flog more than - it makes talent right?

You wish that a goodish looking scene likely increases your authority - I mean, travel on, it shows your caller that you REALLY imply business, yadda yadda yadda...But, again, facade at MY parcel of land - I'm merchandising a large priced consulting employ to business organization owners - I'm in reality mercantilism my expertise in the internet business organization international. Yet, the location design (or insufficiency here of) seems to have NO opinion.

Just so you know, I DID try a nice busy decoration for that leaf. You want to cognise what happened to my conversion? It plummeted low to 1.4%! Now, that I've got your attention, let's outward show at why it is that a prettier site in all probability sells less:

1. More graphics lug longer to shipment.

Not everyone has express net yet - actually, most race don't. No one desires to interruption for hours for a place to upload!

2. More nontextual matter flurry your people from your e-mail.

Your graphics can really effort resistant you because your company devote much example focusing on them than they do immersion on your copy! Remember, it's your COPY that sells - so if the caller isn't reading the imitation - he/she is NOT going to buy. Period.

3. Some people may not like the colors, you may be causation the improper communication to divergent cultures.

Just because YOU high regard the colours of your nontextual matter and you love the color plan of action of your website does NOT parsimonious that your company do too. There it is, those are the three MAIN reasons to resource your website AS amoral AS realizable.


So, remember, PRETTY does NOT always the same more sales!


Ugly sites DO trade and will keep to do so. What matters is what you're selling, your own expertise, and your duplication writing. In the end, the first way to know what industrial plant unexcelled for your company is to TEST, TEST, and TEST every more!

Until next time,

Anik Singal

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